Anonymous: do you find it annoying when 5sos fans send you hate and kinda bully you tbh

yeah but I’m used to it by now lol

Anonymous: I hope this doesn't come out rude or noisy or anything but I can't help but let it bug me lol how are you financially stable??? Like are your parents really rich or something? Do you have a job?? I'm sorry lol just RLLY curious

I make my own money

Anonymous: please tell me you think maya is as annoying as I do....

what no she’s so cool wtf go away wtf??? shes AWESOME

i love how john green’s novels being more widely known and his quotes being on tumblr and his novels being made into movies somehow makes every teenage girl who smokes cigarettes and isn’t necessarily happy with herself or her life this typical, cliche human that isn’t herself and isn’t trying to be herself

like what the fuck??

Anonymous: Does your high school reputation or any of that matter after you graduate? Is it a chance to start over?

it doesn’t matter one bit

for me it didnt at least

but i dont think it matters regardless

Anonymous: Yes hello no weird questions or rude comments I just wanted to say that you're adorable and ily

hey hi thanks for the change of scenery ily

Anonymous: its embarrassing to be the same species as you tbh

hey tune into my new video tomorrow i talk about this exact thing bc someone said this to me last week!!!!!!! :-*

Anonymous: Why you gotta be so rude to everyone, even the curious people? Do you really want people to hate you more than they already do? Lmao you have no idea how to play the social media game. Or the life game at all. You think you're successful cause you go to digifest and hang out with celebs? You're literally nothing boo

i’ve never once said or thought i was successful in the slightest. but i’m not going to sit around and put on a show with a fake persona and not say the way i think or feel and be nice and sweet and puppies and rainbows to everyone who tries to say shit to me. i’m just not. the social media “thing” is not a “game” it’s simply “social media” and life, is life..

Anonymous: i heard ur nipples are huge

ur wrong i practically have toddler nipples if i’m being honest lol

Anonymous: why do you attend youtube events like digifest? youre not even a youtuber ://

because i’m awesome and ur not ://

Anonymous: How much do you weigh?

idk lke 90 pounds on a good day

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Anonymous: I think you try too hard trying to be a character out of a book.. You smoke cigarettes to die, you supposedly are madly in love with someone you can't have and it's all just really cliche and irritating

hmmmm i started smoking because i’m too much of a pussy to completely kill myself all at once and doesn’t everyone technically smoke to die? we all know cigarettes are slowly killing us.. plus i fell in love with a guy over the internet nearly 3 years ago and finally spent time with him face to face in may of THIS YEAR for the FIRST time in ENGLAND so i’m SORRY that my life seems cliche to you. go fuck yourself.